Adopt a Hack My Van Motorhome and Live Your Best Vanlife

Welcome to Hack My Van! Our goal is to build you a beautiful motorhome without the concerns and inconveniences often associated with RV living so you can experience the pure joy and freedom of true #vanlife!

We achieve this goal through time-tested fundamentals of woodworking, machining, electronics, computer aided design, 3D fabrication, welding, and automotive engineering and above all, leadership. These skills and others are backed by our total commitment to safety, convenience, and owner experience.

Hack My Van was founded by Will Pemble, our very own mad scientist (Netflix), bestselling author (Goal Boss: The Art & Science of Getting Stuff Done), a successful entrepreneur (founding CEO of Web.com, ProtoPatte EdTech, Inc, Goal Boss Research, IT Academy), and Youtube Star. Will brings every bit of his vast experience, creativity, passion and leadership to the important work of building your custom motorhome. 


We don't believe in the cookie-cutter process or a one-size-fits-all product. Your project starts with our confidential owner questionnaire, which helps us - and you - understand what matters most in your van. That’s how we design and create a mobile living space to fit your lifestyle like a glove.


Choose from 3 lengths of Sprinter, then make it your own with options, features, and color.


We'll help you tell us your story so we can build the perfect van to help you live your best #vanlife.


Your custom floor plan and layout will emerge through our unique consultative design process.


Now we get to work, creating your bespoke, personal mobile living space.


The Big Day is actually two days, when we teach you everything about your new home on wheels!