• Will Pemble

Thank You, and G'Day!

If you're looking for Goal Boss, I'm afraid we're closed. Forever. After 10 years of failing to avoid adult responsibility, and another 20 years of embracing it with varying degrees of success, it's time to declare victory and depart the field.

The kids are off at college, my clients have it all figured out, and Liz remains the most interesting person I've ever known.

From here on out, you'll find me in my Sprinter Van Workshop building amazing escape-mobiles for folks like me, or in the backyard working on a coaster. Or, on the road with Liz, in which case you wont find me at all.

Probably gonna get a dog, too.

#retired #vanlife #stopandsmelltheroses #ontheroadagain #findmeinmyworkshop #diy

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